About Mark Winkler

Mark has been training in Karate for 30 years and has achieved the rank of 6th Dan Wado Ryu Karate Instructor. He has taught many students throughout those years in both Karate and Self Protection who have gone on to be very successful.
Mark has taken that knowledge of teaching and training and now applied it to Systema. Training with Vladimir Vasiliev (ex Spetnaz) in Canada 3 years ago, in an intensive full time course for six months to become Wales’s first Qualified Sytema instructor. Since then Mark has continually trained in Systema and has gone from strength to strength in his application of The System, having to use it on numerous occasions in his line of work.

Mark has been working as a Doorman for twenty years honing his martial and protection knowledge to the highest level. His insight in the techniques of self protection, fear control and the mindset it takes to protect your self successfully on the street is second to none. Mark preaches a no nonsense style of protection, where controlling your emotions, being mentally prepared and direct action are integral to success.

Mark has a talent for bringing the best out of his students so they can achieve their maximum potential, whilst maintaining a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with a little sense of humour. Mark is always approachable, very friendly and shows everyone the utmost respect. There are no formalities in his classes only the expectation of mutual respect and to leave any ego at the door.
Tel: 07796 842321

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